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​Why don't you make a spiritual effort ?

" Who am I ?" that was the question that propelled me on my spiritual journey.  I would consider myself ​an average woman, nothing about me before my epiphany would have predicted this search " What is my essential Nature ?


Gayle has been practising yoga, and various meditation techniques for many years , since 2016 Gayle qualified to practice tantric massage with The Somananda Tantra School and has since deepened her spiritual growth by participating in  a range of studies and retreats with the school around the world.   The highlights to date being The tantric massage training course,   The Tibetan Art Of Dying and the Kashmiri Shaivism retreat.

Gayle had her own healing crisis which has lead to some spiritual insights and deepened her resolve to help others along the way to find spiritual peace.  Gayle is a creative personality and a great lover of Nature, currently studying with The College of Sound Healing,  and a qualified Crystal Bowl and Himalayan Bowl practitioner.

" Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realise"

Swami Sivananda.