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Massage Therapy Menu 

Touch is the oldest form of communication , not only  for pleasure , but,  because sensuality is a divine gift that can be used to discover our creator.

Tantric Massage

Please contact me for details to ​book a tantric massage.

An initial consultation for new clients is necessary to discuss  this therapy and choose the correct oil and the essential oil to be used .  Clients find that having a meeting before the massage takes place gives plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss expectations.

The initial consultation takes one hour .   sometimes longer depending on the enthusiasm of the conversation ,  The fee for the consultation is deducted from the first tantric massage therapy.  please allow up to two hours for the  massage booking , this includes relaxation time afterwards.

Tantric massage fee after consultation deducted £150.00

Consultation ; £ 30.00

one hour back massage booking £75.00

Sound therapy and Yoga Nidra

​This therapy gives multiple benefits for the stressed and traumatised human being,  the body ,mind and spirit can relearn the art of relaxation .

​This therapy is given with the client dressed and cosseted.

Allow one hour for the booking with 40 mins of therapy and ten mins of resting time afterwards 

£75.00 .

Head Massage /  Face massage

For general fatigue, mental tensions and depression, this therapy using reflexology is a gentle and concentrated massage

 Every part of the outer features of the human body are  linked to the inner body therefore ,giving many therapeutic benefits.  

Face Massage 45 mins £35.00

Head Massage 45 mins £35.00