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Sound is the most powerful vibration in the universe - Paramhansa Yogananda

The College of sound healing is a member of the complementary medical association  (CMA) and the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA). 

 Where do energetic Blockages come from ? : 

There are various sources of energy that effect the human being on the energetic and physical layers of the body. 

The life we live - Pollutants, negative energy and Toxins, chemicals we put on our skin and emotional imbalances from the people in our present and past lives. 

 Physical injury, bereavements  our Karma and our cellular memory, 

Energetically,  any situation not harmonious for our being. 

Prolonged exposure to imbalanced energies weakens the bodies systems . 

The harmonics of the sound healing and intention now have  scientific backing for the many balancing effects on the human being, as well as ratios of musical harmonics found in the basic laws of chemistry, physics, crystallography, astronomy, architecture, botany and many other natural sciences. 

All the colleges practitioners  courses are evaluated and approved by the CMA and  TSA


 Pythagoras lived from 560 BC on the Greek Island of Samos, he is credited with the invention of the monochord and the discovery of Harmonic ratios in sound, 

Pythagoras said ' Study the monochord and you will know the secrets of the universe .

Pythagoras saw the universe as a giant monochord, an instrument that stretched between heaven and earth.  The higher pitches and sounds, those of pure spirit and the lower ones that of the earth.