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Tantric Massage, Ayurvedic  knowledge, Crystal Gong healing , Tibetan bowl sound therapy , Sound Healing, Nidra Yoga,         Meditation

 Guidelines  and answers to questions  that are usually asked when booking a tantric massage or any of the therapies .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           New clients booking a tantric massage, will be asked to attend a  consultation , the booking for the massage can then be arranged . Medical History  and a consent form is completed , a choice of essential oil can be chosen to be added to the organic almond oil used for your massage.  

                                                     Privacy and Confidentiality is respected , no data is shared.

                                                                   Please, be clean and fresh before any therapy .

  Trimmed body hair assists with energy movement and hygiene . this is optional of course.   Tantric massage is performed on the naked body ,  although naked for the tantric massage , the body of the client is treated with respect and discreet coverings  throughout the massage , the room is comfortable and warm.

  Tobacco  toxins are held not only in the physical body, but also cling to the energy bodies ,   the toxic  chemicals in tobacco are harmful to the practitioner as well as the client.  

 This is important to consider as massaging is close contact



The purchase of block bookings or vouchers for gifts can be used from up to a year from  purchase,  use the contact me page for requesting details and I will get back to you with payment details,  vouchers can be sent by post  for a third party gift.  I like to add an artistic touch to the voucher which can be personalised on request.

                                                                             All therapies are available to All genders . 

Sexual Energies are Sublimed with authentic tantric massage - This is not a sexual service, so please respect this.  More information on genital reflexology on request. 

 My therapy room is a sacred space,  you will notice a spiritual vibration as many hours of Yoga and Meditation have been practiced here.

                                 The therapy room has a window for  ventilation and is cleaned between each client.


            transfers can be done in advance of your booking, or payment on the day.  I request a deposit of 50% on booking .

                       Any questions you may have and I have not covered on here,  please, do not hesitate to e mail me

I look forward to sharing these restorative  and healing therapies