Tantric Massage, Ayurvedic massage, Crystal Gong healing and Tibetan gong therapy for spiritual healing

Here are a few guidelines to help you feel more relaxed before the therapy and massage.

Please, be clean and fresh , there is a Shower available. Strong perfumes and aftershaves should be avoided if possible. 

  Trimmed body hair assists with energy movement , however, its not compulsery . No need to shave off your beard !

I am rigid regarding clients cigarette smoking or Vaping, I cannot massage smokers as the toxins are held not only in the physical body, but also cling to the energy bodies , it is, then

harmful to the practitioner as well as the client. Light smokers , please refrain for 48 hours .

Please, try and be on time for your appointment, if you need to cancel, please, try and give at least 24 hours notice as a minimum courtesy , of course, delays can happen .

If you have any medical ailments, or, have had any recent treatments , please, share this information.

The photo is of Gayle in July 2016 .  

transfers can be done in advance of your booking, or payment on the day.

Any questions you mayhave and not covered on here, please, do not hesitate to e mail. 

I look forward to sharing these restorative therapies and sharing my passion for Tantra with you .

 I do not offer sex in any capacity