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Divine Harmony of vibration.

Posted on 4 July, 2018 at 6:05

Human Beings experience vibration all the time in everyday life without making the connection to the health of the body and the energetic sheaths, every layer of the physical plane is a manifestation of the Divine and is all part of the grand Divine plan vibrating at different frequencies . Many yogis and yoginis have experienced first hand the divine vibratory nature of all creation by chanting Sanskrit mantras that form vibrational frequencies, it is known that chanting for many hours can be a powerful and transformative thing and some skilled meditators have seen with their developed third eye, colours, waves of light and sacred geometric shapes that the Sanskrit syllables make, in other words " Sound " can be seen with the third eye. To prepare the body for deeply relaxed states of being and focused concentration of the mind sound vibration can be made by various instruments, the sacred and spiritual Rudra Veena instrument produces a vibration of divine harmony as do Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls , gongs and many others can produce a beautiful and healing vibration that penetrates the whole of the being. We can deliberately bathe our self with the healing vibrations of sound even the rustling of the leaves of a tree, birds singing or the sounds of water infiltrate our being, our bodies are nourished by the sounds of nature and we can also observe the contrast of toxic vibrational sounds and the effect they have on our mind and bodies , for example the sounds of harsh words , mechanical tools and many others that are usually man made noise pollution. Here is a quote from Christopher Sartain from his book " The sacred science of Yoga and the five Koshas" which adds a sense of poetry and magic to the explanations and descriptions " All of creation is God singing everything into existence in a divine harmony of different pitches , tones, and vibrations that coalesce into the forms that we experience in normal consciousness. The universe is a song ." I am offering a one to one deeply relaxing sound healing sessions with a variety of singing Bowls and instruments that are tuned to the frequency of the bodies chakra systems, the vibrations can harmonise and activate the energetic vortexes of the body,& and the energetic koshas , namely the Pranamayakosha and Manomayakosha. Combined with Nidra yoga this healing modality can be very transformative on many levels of your being . Downloaded to view is a minute clip that shows how the vibration of a Tibetan Singing bowl effects water, as the human body is made up of approx. 70% water the demonstration speaks for itself

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