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What is Tantric Massage ?

Posted on 25 September, 2017 at 14:00

Most people have heard the word Tantra in context of the Karma Sutra or some sexual naughty acts ! ,in the last century, a very well know rock star admitted that he and his wife practiced tantric, Sacred sexuality, this of course made front page news of the tabloids and gave Tantric practices the image of just being a bit naughty and only focussed on sex, not giving the clues that this could be part of a very large and comprehensive study of energy principles that are fundamental and divine. . In the year 2020 , the mysteries and the metaphysical worlds have begun to open up, a renaissance !, pathways being revealed and opportunities to revive ancient healing methods, lost to the modern objective and materialistic societies we live in today . Ancient civilisations, did, indeed, have some potent healing knowledge.. Tantra is still an obscure and misunderstood set of spiritual practices , however, there is a shift towards understanding the practices due to yoginis and yogis teaching that this magical system of attaining spiritual liberation. There is an exhibition at the British Museum until Jan 24th, 2021 titled Tantra ; enlightenment to revolution looks at its inception to the present, and heralds , a revival of deeper respect and wisdom for this evolutionary Knowledge., some of the most potent, transforming teachings on the planet today. The blurred boundries and confusion to what is genuine Tantric massage can hopefully be dispelled by information suggested here, and will clarify some of those misconseptions . Tantra is not a religion , rather a teaching for an evolution of consciousness, and, tantra can be a path for those that may want to spiritually advance quickly. Tantrics studied energy and all the aspects of energy , sexual energy being the most potent and powerful energy, sexual energy can be used for spirituality, so the tantrics studied this extensively, instead of using sexual energy to make life, they used this energy to accelerate individual spiritual evolution. Tantric sexual teachings are considered extremely powerful and can be a spiritual path on its own and are part of a whole metaphysical and potent range of teachings. Tantric massage was not an ancient practice , this has been developed to act as a bridge to assist peoples of today in our modern world to attain spiritual mastery and assist self realisation . The teachings I have recieved are from the Somananda Tantra and Yoga school , which developed tantric massage from authentic Tantra sexuality and Ancient Ayurvedic massage techniques.

 The teachings I have received combines massage with energy healing , using energy in massage increases the massage effects and the healing potential . Genital massage can be part of the practice, this means that both the yoni and Lingham are both Massaged , however, it is not always necessary and can be opted out off,  these very powerful and potent organs with many reflexology points can trigger many pleasurable and energetic effects. Tantra massage can release energy blockages , every person has energy blockages of some kind , where energy is blocked the energetic flow is blocked, if left the blockage can develop into a physical issue.

The body can store past and current traumas, these can stay in the being for years even decades, the healing of these blockages can lead to deep healing, and Subliming releases. The energy used in Tantric massage will start to expel various physical and mental blockages a person may have, as most humans in the 21 century have toxins and impurities held in the physical and energetic sheaths , purification can effect the body in a physical way, and on deeper levels, for example nausea, headaches, pimples, emotional and mental release and realisations etc this is a normal response and a good sign that purification has taken place.



I look forward to delivering this life affirming therapy.

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