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You've mastered the selfie, now master thy self

Posted on 25 July, 2016 at 15:05

You've mastered the selfie, now master thy self


The 21st Century, a time of scientific abundance, advancing ever quicker. Would Understanding what it means to be spiritually conscious and utilise these ancient teachings. aide in the wellbeing of health , both in the human being and the environment we live.?

The Chakra system hover above the human body in the Pranamayakosha and are energetically connected to the spine, is revealed as a set of bioelectric vortices that harmonise massive nerve bundles and are controlled by the endocrine gland secretions, the 7 chakras are indicators of the harmony, health and balance in the body and have corresponding yin and yang polarities , tantra massage is one of the ways one can identify where there is a underlying emotional and health issue related to one of the chakras. When our chakras are unbalanced it leads us to make unwise decisions and we can feel depressed and indecisive. The study of the chakras is to be encouraged as this is a basic summery , helpful to those embarking on a spiritual path .


Muladhara - the root chakra  , is associated with the earth element  and our Vitality , a sense of belonging and confidence , when out of balance the person feels low energy, low self esteem , resulting in fear , this can lead to weight issues , constipation , when balanced energy flows freely .

Svadhisthana - the sacral Chakra , , is associated with the water element, the emotional centre of the body generating pleasure and deep connection , sexual desire, creative impulses , can be blocked by feelings of shame and guilt. When the sacral chakra is healthy , people feel fully engaged with life , alive, energetic and spontaneous.

Manipura - The navel chakra. associated with the fire element, a healthy third chakra will manifest stability, courage, willpower and strength , with an emphasis on the ability to manifest one hopes and dreams , a weak and unmanaged Manipura Chakra will absorb energies from everything and can manifest as hypersensitivity creating health and emotional issues . Imbalances can manifest as lack of self confidence leading to aggressive behaviour and domination of others.

Anahata - The heart Chakra . associated with the air element . The heart chakra is a masterpiece of creation with a potential to create harmonies and vibrations . The heart chakra when open and flourishing can transform pain and suffering , radiate unconditional love , empathy and selflessness when we are heartbroken by love or grief the heart energies suffer.

Vishuddha - The throat chakra . associated with the element of Ether. The throat , the confessional , inhibited by lies, oppression , when we communicate well with others both written and verbal we are able to communicate effectively and constructively for the greater good and create harmony for ourselves and others.

Ajna - The Third eye  .associated with mind and mental facilities. The third eye ( the pineal gland ) psychic abilities, inner wisdom and intuitive powers. This chakra is particularly related to our imaginations and dreams , blockages can cause migraines , insomnia and anxiety.

Sahasrara - crown of the head . Pure cosmic energy and directly connects us to the highest self within us.


When we are aware of our subtle energies we are able to master ourselves and live to our optimal potential. 

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