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Energy Flow

Posted on 18 May, 2016 at 9:05

Energy , Frequency and Vibration



When toxic energy is trapped in the light body it obstructs the free flow of energy, frequency and vibration causing pain and dis-ease. To visualise this imagine a free flowing stream with a large rock obstructing the flow of water. The water finds away round and over the rock , but eventually other debris and pebbles are trapped too and create a dam blocking the flow and only a slight trickle remains. Now apply this visual to the flow of energy in and around the light body .


The obstruction manifests as a result of unresolved and unhealed trauma, grief, deep sadness , anxiety etc . An accumulation of stored and unreleased emotional pain collects and begins to affect the harmony of mind body and soul.



If we look deeply into suffering we can begin to notice the pain and obstruction of flow in others and can recognise that when our energy is blocked the relationship with ourselves, others suffer as well.



Eckart Tolle explains ' Pain bodies ' both individually and collectively. Simply put each of has inherited residue pain of past traumas. Collectively pain manifests like ripples in water for generations. War is an example of suffering that has been inflicted on humanity or tragedies resulting in the loss of heritage and belonging .



It takes bravery and commitment to undo pain and suffering as it is in us all. Collectively we suffer until we become our own masters and look inwards for healing and clear energetic obstacles. This is freedom. To bring an end to our suffering and release it into the light to be made visible and make space for new energy and flow without obstruction . Our bodies can then self regulate and heal. There are many tools available to you to begin your journey. Yoga, sound healing , reading books that help you recognise who you are and who you are not. Tantra massage , meditation and many other routes to inner knowledge, to be under the spiritual guidance of a Teacher or Guru the optimum route .If you are interested in digging deeper I recommend The Power of Now or New Earth by Eckart Tolle. For a scientific perspective research Nikola Tesla ( 1856- Physicist) , yoga school has an extensive reading list.


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