Ritual and Tantra

Posted on February 10, 2016 at 1:25 PM

Ritual And Tantra

Mantra-Yantra = Tantra


I have included the ritual I have experienced in my yoga practice into my Tantra practice as the two are interconnected , before each massage I take my clients through guided breathing, inhalation with holding at the top of the breath before the exhale, this helps connect to the body to the now. Using essential oils during this practice also focuses the mind to one central point of sensation and concentrates the attention back to self and the present moment.

Savasana ( Corpse pose ) happens at the end of a Yoga practice is a ritual that connects us back into our bodies and re connects our energies, I place my clients in Savasana at the end of the massage as it restores the body and allows one to settle into the now more fully, it allows the mind to integrate the sensations of the massage. Lying in Corpse pose can be quite difficult at first as lying awake in stillness on our backs is not usual, however, the cossetting aspect of this ritual hopefully makes it an enjoyable and nurturing experience.

Here are some life affirming benefits that a simple savasana delivers ;

1. Stress relief.

Muscle contraction or tension can melt away as you become aware of each part of your body, when the body relaxes so does the mind and visa versa.

2. Calms Agitation

Sometimes after massage and having to drop back into the real world can feel too intense, savasana is a slow wake up.

3. Decreases blood pressure.

4. Increased memory and improved concentration.

5. Increased focus.

So next time you feel stressed, lay down on the floor, close your eyes, try rhythmic deep breathing , feel the support of the earth beneath you and melt your body into the ground, its that simple.

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