Tantric massage, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Givers Mantra " I love you just as you are, I serve you with my full presence and awareness without exception "

Receivers Mantra " I am worthy of unconditional love just as I am, how much healing, love, and pleasure can I allow myself to take in "

 Tantric massage is one of the ways that the bodies Kundalini ( devine Shakti) energy can be activated in the human being, the flow of energy awakens dormant energy fields in the physical body and also acts on the energetic sheaths and the Chakras energetic vortexes . once activated the energy infuses the body giving a tremendous healing boost and allows trapped physical, mental, and emotional pain to escape the body as well as deeply relaxing harmonising the mind, bodies and soul.

 Kundalini energy can also be used to purify the body and mind as it channels its way through the cells and structures of the physical body and energetic sheaths. The results can bring a full body orgasmic release, fuel creativity , bring realisations on a deeply spiritual nature and achieve a higher state of awareness .

The activation of energy in the body can bring a deep peace and calmness as well as highly altered states of alertness and vibrancy. 

Tantra Massage and energy healing is a transcendent experience and a pathway to inner union, become more powerfully aware, and perceive bodily openness and present moment awareness.

A choice is offered to complete the massage and enhance the cosmic energies and vibrations using Tibetan singing bowls and sound therapy enhancing the healing methods ( More information on the blog page)

I use organic sweet almond oil infused with an essential oil of your choice or Coconut oil. An assessment of the correct oil for skin type will be done before the massage commences . 


Some people find massage too challenging so I offer sessions of Yoga Nidra which brings about a deeply satisfying state of consciousness between waking and sleeping , this yogic practice of relaxation has been found to reduce tension, anxiety, palpitations , sweating and abdominal pain and many other symptoms and It has been used to great success in treating posttraumatic stress syndrome . 

This exceptional form of Tantra massage has been developed by Somananda ( Co founder of Somananda Yoga School ) and is a synthesis of his extensive knowledge of Ayurveda massage and Tantric teachings contact https ://somananda.org

Evolution through tantric Yoga and Meditation.

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