Tantra Massage is a healing modality using various techniques from the Vedic and Tantra teachings with a focus on circulating and activating dormant energy channels.   With an awareness of cosmic energy and cosmic consciousness the human being can experience the healing vibrations and omnipresence of the universe in each cell of the human being in the infinite cosmic body.

I have achieved certified training with Somananda Tantra School in the study of therapeutic Tantra massage and Ayurveda massage.

  To amplify the healing on the kosha (energy bodies) system I use various singing bowls that resonate on a deep vibrational level , the Healing benefits can be felt physically , mentally and spiritually , please contact me for further details regarding this healing modality

To answer the call for healing, on both the physical and the energetic sheaths of your being please do not hesitate to contact me for further details   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch , details on the Contact me page.

Please contact me  regarding booking a  Tantric massage.

One hour of Restorative Head and shoulder massage 

Sound Therapy for relaxation and restoration 

Foot Massage , including lower leg 

please refer to the contact me page for booking instructions

Somananda Tantra school offers extensive,  authentic  and  practical 

 teachings with a focus on  Tantra Yoga and Meditation. 

Tantric Healing and Tantric Massage opens the door to deeply reconnect to yourself and harmonise the

Mind, Body and soul